Garage prize possession, signed by Ivan Stewart

I shot this image of Ivan Stewart blasting across the Nevada desert in the early 1980’s at the Mint 400. During that time of my photography career I was shooting racing in the desert of the southwest and Mexico for the magazines. I was also shooting races at the tracks around Southern California. I was in the pits at one of the races and had some of my prints with me. I was photographing some images of Ivan when I decided to do the “Fan” thing and asked him to sign this print. He signed it to me and dated. For those who don’t know Ivan Stewart, he was nick named the Iron Man because he would race the Baja 500 or 1,000 and drive the whole distance. He also won more than his fair share of off-road races. He is one of my heroes in the racing world. This print is hanging in my garage with other auto memorabilia.

Photo nerd info: Original is shot with a Nikon F3 High eye point with a 24 or 28mm Nikon lens, shot on Tri X BW Film, I shot this copy shot of the print with my iPhone and processed. When I shot the original shot  I was wearing baggy cargo shorts to carry all of my lenses, probably.

© timm eubanks

4 thoughts on “Garage prize possession, signed by Ivan Stewart

  1. HA! So you think I might be like Forrest Gump?!!! I just haven’t grown up yet, that’s the secret. Btw, I haven’t been to West Covina.

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