San Diego Beach, Surf & a VW Bus

This just puts a smile on my face. Try to be in a bad mood if this is your bus in San Diego, on the beach, 75 degrees and you are about to get into the water. Photo nerd info: Nikon D7000, Nikon 50mm shot at f 1.4 @ 1/8000, drank a Dr Pepper without High Fructose corn syrup but real sugar.

© timm eubanks

22 thoughts on “San Diego Beach, Surf & a VW Bus

    • Yes, San Diego is pretty cool spot for VW spotting. This morning was one of those. Had breakfast in a coffee shop with a 71 Perfect Ghia convertible parked in front and Tony Hawk was ordering some food at the counter. Classic.

  1. My Uncle Paul used to have an all white VW bus we would all pile up in and drive all over San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside and all points between. Pack us some lunch and way we go.

    • Cool! Good times! I have great memories of cruising in VWs in the 60s. I bought my first in 1980 and it was an obsession from there on! Thanks for commenting.

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