Vintage Cadillac Palm Springs

Modernism Week in Palm Springs, California is February 16-26th this year. My wife and I enjoyed touring 9 Modern homes. Most were Mid-Century gems that make you want to listen to Frank Sinatra while driving to each location.  Each had a vintage American car from the 50’s or 60’s in the driveway. Because I am a motorhead, it took me a few minutes to get through the front door of each home. What was in the driveway needed some attention as well. My only complaint, no VW buses or beetles! Maybe the oil drips on the driveway might be too much for these pristine homes.

© timm eubanks

4 thoughts on “Vintage Cadillac Palm Springs

  1. Yeah, I have to admit, I expected some nasty VW or Beetle action when I opened this post, LOL. These are pretty cool though…

    P.S Thank you, Timm. Much love for the kind contribution. Man, you don’t have an email address anywhere!

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