Bagged 59 Ghia @ Airkewld Open House AZ

Airkewld in Goodyear, Arizona had their open house for the new location in March of 2012. By midday the parking lot was filled with Volkswagens of various types. It was amazing to see so many VW people stopping to hang out at Airkewld. Pete Skiba is the owner of Airkewld and his products he carries and produces in-house are some of the best in the VW business. The turnout of customers for his open house made that very clear. This 59 Ghia is owned by Rodney Peralta and he brought it in from Huntington Beach, CA. It’ bagged so it sits perfectly low and the interior is beautiful. The upholstery is tan leather with Gucci cloth inserts, classic and with class! Pete:  Rodney’s band:  Albatross Overdrive

© timm eubanks

7 thoughts on “Bagged 59 Ghia @ Airkewld Open House AZ

    • Thanks J P. The paint on this Ghia shows off what I believe the VW designers were trying to create with the type 3. Sexy, sports car lines.

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