Two things I miss from 1983

© 1983 timm eubanks

This is a shot of two icons from my past. My new 1983 VW GTI and Riverside International Raceway.

I believe the introduction of the GTI in 83 into the U.S. was what launched Volkswagen’s rebirth here in the U.S. The car was a sleeper and I did blow away a few surprised American muscle car owners from stop lights. The car was fast, handled well, had good gas mileage, had crazy colored seat fabric and was built in America.

Riverside Raceway was a great venue for watching Nascar, Indy Car, SCCA and Off Road races. I spent many weekends there as a spectator, photographer and a few times a crew member. I have fond memories of this race track and the closing of it for “progress” was a sad day in 1989.

Photo nerd info: 1983: Camera would have been some 35mm Minolta (that is what I shot in those days) negative film, printed at local photo lab in Redondo Beach, scanned print. While shooting I was probably wearing some brightly colored polo shirt, shorts that were way to short and white, (hey, it was 1983) flip flops or Vans.

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