John, stand in

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

This is from my photo shoot last week at a skating rink in Northern California. The client needed a shot of the family that owns the skating rink. We loved the classic snack bar and thought the family in front of it would work. John (pictured) was assisting me on this shoot and this is our test shot. John is in a lot of my photos but no one ever gets to see them. That is going to change! Photo nerd info: Nikon D3x, 50mm 1.4 lens at 2.8 @ 1/80th sec. iso 800, lighting was the ambient light and a travelight 375 watt strobe on a battery pack with an umbrella, we ate pizza and drank Pepsi.


2 thoughts on “John, stand in

  1. Hey Tim, I love this shot but what really cracked me up is this is the very same “classic snack bar” I was just yesterday tasked with updating. I was searching the web tonight for new ideas and lo and behold there is the fluorescent “before picture”
    It is a difficult task respecting that retro feel but creating a draw for the next generation. I’ll be gentle.
    Great pics of the family on the rink and the others your client used on their website. Nice Work. Rick

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