Shot on 4×5 film and what’s this Photoshop?

I was digging through some boxes in my garage. I pulled down one of the many marked “tear sheets” and pulled a few old magazines, brochures and misc printed pieces out. Someday I will cull through all of these boxes but not now. It will be a nostalgic and time consuming project. Most of these are from the days of shooting film, 4×5 and medium format cameras, before digital. Now I just keep the digital files instead of printed pieces, much easier.

This image was shot in about 1995 for a retail shopping center that was advertising a sidewalk sale. I built a small sidewalk set, a “glamour doll” with a miniature shopping bag from the shopping center. This was a postcard, newspaper ad, poster and other uses. This is a copy shot of one of the postcards. Photo nerd info: No metadata! so here is what I remember: Toyo 4×5 camera, Fujinon 210mm lens, Tungsten lights, Fuji Velvia Transparency film (probably) and no retouch / Photoshop. Embarrassed to say but I probably had my hair pulled back in a  pony tail so I could see through the back of the camera. Sorry no photos!

© timm eubanks

© timm eubanks

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