Big Wednesday / VWs and Surf


Spent the day at San Onofre beach this last Wednesday with a few hundred of my VW friends.  Big Wednesday is a casual VW and surf get together that happens once a year.

This year I tossed the digital cameras aside, drove my 1962 VW and brought my old cameras and films. I shot with the Hassleblad 500 CM that I bought in the 1980’s, my 1990’s Polaroid Spectra and this shot was done with my Polaroid SX 70 that was given to me years ago by my father law. The film is from Impossible Project film but outdated by a year. The image is exactly as scanned no filters or manipulation. You can see the film has some issues and I think my rollers are not squeezing the chemistry as hard as it should but I love the look. Vintage cars / vintage cameras / vintage photographer!



4 thoughts on “Big Wednesday / VWs and Surf

    • Yes, I did get them. Thank you! Sorry I should have thanked you. I’m looking at the small one over my computer as I wrtie this. Hope life is good in your part of the world. Cheers!

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